Planner vs Pantser vs Plantser: Which Are You?

If you saw my interview with Boomers On Books last week, you’d have seen our brief discussion about the planner vs pantser dynamic. The interview was an hour long and because of all the other things we discussed, we didn’t go into great depth. So I thought I’d write a blog post about it toContinue reading “Planner vs Pantser vs Plantser: Which Are You?”

Three Things I Hope People Take Away from Salmonweird

Hello, it’s the author here. I thought I’d switch off the village voice for this blog post and talk as me for once. That is, instead of pretending to be an article written by a committee of scribes in a ghost village! I hope you’re enjoying the extra content here at either as anContinue reading “Three Things I Hope People Take Away from Salmonweird”

The Salmonweird Sea Shanty Playlist

Hello again dear reader! If you’ve read our book or any of our short stories, you’ll know how much Harry and some of the other residents love music. To get the full experience of the chronicles of our little village, we thought we would provide a quick post on the sea shanties that features inContinue reading “The Salmonweird Sea Shanty Playlist”