Book 1: Salmonweird: A Cornish Crime Comedy Caper

Salmonweird: A Cornish Crime Comedy Caper

Not that he disliked his native Cambridge. But something kept drawing him back to Kernow. The retirement started well, going quite uneventfully for over a year.

Every day, he would get up, have breakfast, read a book, go for a walk, maybe go for a drive and consider writing his memoirs.

Until the day the ghosts arrived and his wife Valarie left.

DI (retired) Blackman decided to stay with the ghosts and befriend them. He soon got used to this new normal as a man in his 50s heading for divorce with only 500 ghosts to keep him company.

Who are these ghosts? They include an Iron Age warrior queen, a crew of pirates, an Elizabethan poet, and a medieval monk constantly on the lookout for signs of plague.

Could it have got any weirder?

Well, yes, of course it could. DI (retired) Blackman then finds he must un-retire to figure out whether it’s possible to murder somebody who is already dead and most importantly – why anybody would want to.

What secrets do the 500 non-corporeal residents hide?

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