Book 2: A Salmonweird Sleighing

Seasons Greetings! Welcome back to Salmonweir for our first Christmas as a community

It’s December and for Karl Blackman, the only living person in the Cornish ghost village of Salmonweir, that means unleashing his inner 6-year-old.

But all is not well, when, following the Advent Sunday service, one resident willingly returns to the afterlife with only Karl to witness it.

Did Karl really see something that night or did Harry spike the mulled wine with Cornish moonshine?

Karl must also contend with a TV medium who turns up on his doorstep to help the un-departed re-depart to the afterlife, Babajide continues his war with the coffee machine, while another resident finds a lost love among the new arrivals.

At least Karl’s daughter Claire is coming for Christmas. Maybe his other visitor might have gone by then?

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