The Short Stories

All short stories are now on Buy Me A Coffee. Click each image to go to the relevant story. Some are behind a paywall (indicated).

A Salmonweird Lockdown

(Free to read): It’s a few days after lockdown and the Salmonweir residents do all they can to protect Karl, the only living member of the community, from COVID-19.

Sword Crossed Lovers

(Paywall) Kensa has a visitor. The last person she expected was the new Roman fellow. Sword Crossed Lovers chronicles their first meeting and date.

Introducing Salmonweird Spooky

The short stories above are a typical representation of the books; they serve as a great access point into the universe and can be enjoyed on their own. However, as I also write horror, I couldn’t help but use my fondness for Edwardian and Victorian ghost story writers like MR James, Ambrose Bierce and, of course, Charles Dickens, to create a spooky series. I introduce to you Salmonweird Spooky.

The Crypt

(Free to read) 700 years ago, Jowan opened the small crypt beneath Salmonweir church. He refused to go down there again.

Curse of the Storm Harpy

(Paywall) Harry visits Karl on Boxing Day and finally tells him about the time he encountered the cursed ship known as The Storm Harpy.

Old Sam

(Paywall) A wendigo has pursued Arthur all his life. Now, injured in a firefight, Old Sam has re-appeared – and he’s hungry and determined.

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