Phobetor’s Children

The World’s First Sword, Sandals, and SciFi Horror Epic

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It is the AD70s. The tumult of The Year of the Four Emperors is over. Under Vespasian, Rome finally has stability and peace, an emperor with the respect of all classes, and all provinces. The Flavian dynasty is confident and ready to flex its muscles.

Yet beyond the borders of the empire, something dark and unknown is stirring.

A fort deep in the forests of Germania failed to report in to the border town of Mogontiacum.

Tribes friendly to Rome report catastrophic damage to buildings and Roman war machines alike. Most of the Roman soldiers are missing and what few bodies remain are mutilated.

Unsure of the size and nature of the threat, the new emperor realises he must act fast and decisively. He knows Rome cannot spare a single legion to investigate, and the senate would not authorise such a mission. But Rome can spare six of the empire’s most famous retired gladiators. With the promise of riches and prestige, it is down to those six: five men and one woman, to cross the border, travel to the forest, and find out what happened.

But the gladiators will find that the greatest horrors are what each of them already carries within their hearts and their minds.

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