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to a Place Where Genre Conventions Come to Die.

Please, call me Matt. I am the author of cosy crime fantasy series Salmonweird,
and several horror books.

Stuff that doesn’t go anywhere else.

The Christmas Goblin

From medieval Germany to Industrial Revolution and finally the future, this is the tale of The Christmas Goblin. He rewards the good children and punishes the bad children.

The Christmas Goblin mixes genres while remaining true to the traditions of children’s fables.

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The Weight of Reason

Skara Brae Oceanic: a city in the North Sea, a sanctuary in an climate change wrecked world. Someone is killing the “Otters” the genetically modified engineers charged with ensuring the city’s safety.

But who would risk everyone’s safety and why?

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Herrenvolk & Other Stories

A collection of short stories from the Elfwood days including a trilogy of shorts about Nazi genetic super soldiers, a date in a futuristic London, a hike on an alien world goes wrong, and a medieval ghost story for Christmas.

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