Dead Lock

1979: The Britain as One Party wins the General Election, defeating both pro-European candidates Margaret Thatcher and James Callaghan.

In 2017, the far right government has an iron grip on the country. To stop dissent, it jails its most undesirable elements: murderers, rapists and leftist enemies of the state.

But there is always hope.

Once every three months, the inmates are given one chance to escape the fortified zombie infested island of Mortwich. Dead Lock – a race for parole chosen by ballot. The winner gets to live as a free man or woman.

The losers join the ranks of the undead ready for the next race.

Jim, Mike, Tony, and Kate, are thrown together in their desperate bid to escape. Just one question: is one of the companions just another of the many imprisoned political opponents of the government, or a serial killer?

This is an alternate universe version of horror-comedy Dead Heat. They are independent of each other, complementing each other’s stories but not necessary to read in any particular order.

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