About The Author

I always had a vivid imagination. That is not in doubt and I can’t remember the first short story I wrote, though I can say for certain it was outside of formal schooling.

I completed my first novel when I was 13 and… surprisingly… an agent request! It was awful and I cringe now that I ever submitted it. But I persevered, started writing another novel around aged 18 but junked it (it too was awful) and another a couple of years later which sadly I lost through corrupted files.

I once had a short story archive on Elfwood (remember that?) and I can hardly believe now that I went so long without writing anything between university (before that even) and 2011. But I found my way back and self-publishing has opened a whole new world of writing. I’ve met so many amazing writers and other creatives. I’m pleased to be living in this time where there is an explosion of creativity.

These days, when I’m not writing, you’ll find me knocking around Twitter and Instagram most days.

Come and join me!

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