It’s A Salmonweird Sleighing Release Day!

It’s here! I can hardly believe it, but today is the day I finally unleash book 2 in the Salmonweird series – the Christmas Cornish crime comedy caper A Salmonweird Sleighing.


It’s December and for Karl Blackman, the only living person in the Cornish ghost village of Salmonweir, that means unleashing his inner 6-year-old.

But all is not well, when, following the Advent Sunday service, one resident willingly returns to the afterlife with only Karl to witness it.

Did Karl really see something that night or did Harry spike the mulled wine with Cornish moonshine?

Karl must also contend with a TV medium who turns up on his doorstep to help the un-departed re-depart to the afterlife, Babajide continues his war with the coffee machine, while another resident finds a lost love among the new arrivals.

At least Karl’s daughter Claire is coming for Christmas. Maybe his other visitor might have gone by then?

Some Extra Story Details

I know I’ve been a bit tight lipped about what goes on in this book. Don’t worry, I’m not going to spoiler it for you but here are a few extra details.

The book opens with an Advent Carol Service in early December. Karl remarks that the festive season always brings out his inner 6-year-old. After the service, everyone heads outside for a bit more Christmas cheer, song, food, and drink. Then Karl hears what he thinks is a scream.

So begins Karl’s second case.

The book ends with the strike of midnight heading into Christmas Day. There is a lot of Christmas schmaltz here amid the crime and the mystery. What I tried to do was both capture the essence of book one while adding more layers of lore. From beta feedback and early reviews, I appear to have done just that.

I really could not have asked for a more straightforward and easier editing process. While I cut about 25k of text from Phobetor’s Children and added about 9k of new material between last May and release in October, the suggested changes for A Salmonweird Sleighing from betas was purely cosmetic. Simply, they struggled to find significant faults. This made me very happy.

I’ll be going live at 4pm UK time on Instagram where you will have the chance to ask me questions about the series. If you miss it, I will link the video here so you can watch the playback.

Salmonweird Extended Universe

Did you know there is more to Salmonweird than these two books? It’s true! To date, I’ve written six short stories. Four of these shorts are in the Spooky Salmonweird series which focuses on some of the supporting characters recounting spinetingling events.

You will see them all at Buy Me A Coffee. Some are free to read with no obligation to contribute to my ☕ and 🍰 fund. Link is below. Also please consider signing up for my regular newsletter!

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