The Salmonweird Sea Shanty Playlist

Hello again dear reader! If you’ve read our book or any of our short stories, you’ll know how much Harry and some of the other residents love music. To get the full experience of the chronicles of our little village, we thought we would provide a quick post on the sea shanties that features in the currently released stories and some inspired by the events. Thanks to Harry for this.

Coast of High Barbary

As you walk about the village, the most raucous songs will inevitably come from Harry’s crew. When they’re not rumming, they’re singing. When they’re not rumming or singing… well, we’re not entirely sure what they do when they’re not rumming or drinking.

The first song to feature in our little book appears early in chapter 1. Surprise surprise, it’s from Harry. This sea shanty is a catchy little song. It’s no wonder Karl identified it right away.

The Coast of High Barbary

What Shall We Do With a Drunken Sailor?

Is there a more famous sea shanty than “Drunken Sailor”? Some of the more recently alive residents in the village tell us this is a song they learn in schools. We are a bit shocked, but modern times are quite peculiar to most of us. Here for your enjoyment are the Fisherman’s Friends.

What shall we do with a drunken sailor

Sally Brown

There are a curious number of songs about Sally Brown. She must have made quite an impression on the sailors of the day. We’re not sure which song about her life the pirates were singing at the Bonfire Night Spectacular, but this song likely featured at some point.

Roll Boys Roll (Another Sally Brown Song)

Made famous by a certain video game a few years again, the shanty “Roll Boys Roll” also features the same Sally Brown. We believe there are at least two more such shanties that feature the same Sally Brown.

All For Me Grog

We must offer our apologies twice for this song. Firstly for the reckless behaviour this song encourages – in it, a man sells his boots, his clothes, and then his wife and children so he can buy rum and tobacco. The second apology is for just how catchy this is. If you aren’t singing this shanty by the time it’s halfway through, did you even listen to it?

This does not feature in the first book, but there is a scene towards the end where Harry is definitely living this song!

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