Hello! I’m Matt (MG Mason) a mixed genre author from southwest England, currently living in sunny Cornwall. Here you can read all about me and my books!

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About Me

I’ve always had a vivid imagination. While I can’t remember the first short story I wrote, I can say for certain it was outside of school.

I completed my first novel when I was 13 and surprisingly an agent asked to look at it! It was awful and I cringe now that I ever submitted it. But I persevered and by the early 2000s, and the dawn of the internet, I was at it again.

These days I mix genres like it’s going out of fashion. See more information about my titles below!


A series of supernatural crime comedy books, Salmonweird takes inspiration from the cosy crimes of Agatha Christie and Death in Paradise and throws in some urban fantasy and buckets of humour!

Meet 2,000 years of historical characters thrown together in one tiny fictional Cornish village – including an Iron Age warrior queen, a Roman military officer, a medieval monk, a Cromwellian preacher, a Tudor poet and more!

Book 1 – Salmonweird

Karl thought his retirement to the Cornish south coast would be idyllic and uneventful.

It was until the ghosts arrived and the live residents fled.

But Karl soon has a murder to solve. How do you kill someone who is already dead, anyway?

Book 2: A Salmonweird Sleighing

It’s Christmas and Karl has another case after one much-loved resident seemingly returns to the afterlife of their own accord.

But Karl doesn’t believe it was in any way voluntary.

In Salmonweir, the spirit of Christmas is at risk of becoming all out war – even between friends and lovers.

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Horror Zone

I write more horror than anything else. Three titles out so far: the Roman era set scifi horror Phobetor’s Children, the zombie comedy Dead Heat, and the zombie thriller Dead Locks.

A fourth major title called Vulcan City (a steampunk zombie horror) is planned for 2022-3.

Phobetor’s Children

The world’s first sword, sandals, sci-fi and scares epic

It is AD71: after the tumultuous Year of the Four Emperors, Rome at last, knows peace.

But beyond the borders of the empire, something stirs.

Six gladiators travel to Germania to find out what destroyed an important border fort.

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Horror comedy novella Dead Heat sees a group of colleagues on a corporate team building day in a race to survive as the novelty zombie race somehow acquires real zombies
In an alternate universe, political prisoners of an extremist regime must escape a zombie infested island. It’s the only way they can win their parole. But are they all political prisoners?

Spooky Salmonweird Short Story Collection

I’ve even slipped the Salmonweird universe into horror writing with a series of short stories called “Spooky Salmonweird.” Stories currently posting at the rate of one per month on Buy Me A Coffee, an ebook and paperback version will be available through Amazon in late 2022.

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An interview with illustrator Oniphoenix, Phobetor’s Children, Christmas Goblin, and more!
All my media around the web: video interviews, text interview and much more! Updated regularly.
Buy Me A Coffee supporting blog content – short stories, blog articles, and more (plenty of free stuff too).

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