The Salmonweird Series

Blending cosy crime with low fantasy and buckets of humour, book two, called A Salmonweird Sleighing, comes out in June 2021. I’m currently planning the third book in the series: Studio Salmonweird.

The Horror Corner

While Salmonweird is my main series, and a labour of love and filled with silliness, I also have a darker side. I have plenty of horror titles available too. Take a look…

Phobetor’s Children

The world’s first sword, sandals and scifi epic

Phobetor’s Children is a psychological science fiction horror set during the Roman Empire. Six gladiators travel to Germania to find out what happened to a fort beyond the border.

They will find their worst fears are what they carry within.

Dead Heat & Dead Lock

Two zombie stories, the same characters, one island. Two very different worlds. Four people are thrown together to escape a zombie infested island. In one story, they are colleagues. In the other story, the are prisoners.

Dead Heat

Three colleagues – Jim, Mike, and Tony were impressed with their employers entering the Dead Heat zombie fun run. But then there is a real zombie outbreak and the fun run becomes a run for their lives.

Dead Lock

Jim, Mike, and Tony are not colleagues but prisoners of a far right government on Mortwich Island. Parole means crossing the island and reaching the mainland. But most competitors join the undead.

The rest

Everything else – stuff that doesn’t fit within the usual genre conventions. Including children’s, tech thrillers, and short story collections will appear here.

The Christmas Goblin

A children’s story in the tradition of fables, taking us from medieval Germany, to Industrial Revolution New York, and finally to the future.

The Weight of Reason
Unpublished and not currently available

A short environmental crime thriller. the cyborg Trant is called to a mysterious murder. Why would anyone kill the genetically modified city engineers?

Herrenvolk & Other Stories
Unpublished and not currently available

A collection of short stories back from when I first started taking writing seriously. A mix of horror, fantasy, and science fiction.

The above ereader mockups use this template at covervault (click).

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